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First of all, we want to welcome you to Spain, more particularly welcome to the COSTA BLANCA! You have made a good choice by visiting the Costa Blanca as this is the most beautiful place in southern Europe. Now there will be some disagreements here but, if you have a better look into the Costa Blanca and, if you get to know the real day to day life than you will agree with this. In the Costa Blanca you will find a big variety of activities all over the year, to begin with the beautiful beaches, creaks and unbelievable clear water! This is the best place to dive, kayak or even to go for a ride on a jet ski. If you don’t particularly like these water activities than you can make beautiful mountain walks, discover the real Mediterranean nature and the history of Spain, as there is a lot to discover!

In the winter usually is very soft but there are areas where we get the chance to see the Costa Blanca from a different angle, if we drive land inwards, we get to discover the real winter with white snow, a perfect environment to ski or snowboard. 

As you can see there is a lot to discover in the Costa Blanca.

We call this our beautiful paradise! The lifestyle is completely different as in Northern Europe, the Spaniards take life more easily and really enjoy their free time whenever they have some. The shops close in the midday so they can have a little break from work and really chill out for a moment, have a drink and relax!