A year where Pandemic has been the most used word in Europe. 🌍
A year where Lockdown has kept millions of people at home.🏡
A year when we had and did make the best out of every situation. 🍀
A year full of uncertainty and going into the unknown.

It has not only been A year. It has been THE year everyone will remember. Will be documented in our History books. A year we all do not want to repeat again in 2021.
We really hope that 2021 will be somehow different, maybe better than the passed year and give us back some hope, some normality and clarity in these uncertain times.

We are happy to say good bye to 2020 as Flamingo Homes but also as Laura & Luc. We have had a hard year but have been able to make some people happy new home owners and wish them and all new home owners special luck in 2021!

Lets keep on making the best out of every situation!

We, Laura & Luc, Flamingo Homes wish you all a happy new year. The only new years resolution we have is to stay safe and make more people happy!