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After sales service

After sales

Congratulations! You have just bought yourself a new property in Spain on the Costa Blanca, the paradise on the Iberian Peninsula!

You have done a great job so far, it is not always easy to get to the point you can actually sign the deeds, we hope everything has gone as expected and you are happy so far with our service and have answered any questions so far.
Our service does not end just now, although you have signed the deeds, the property is now officially yours we are still here for anything you might need sometime.
All the supplies such as Water, electricity, gas, Internet, IBI, Basura etc will be changed onto your name, the bills will be automatically deducted from your bank account and everything is set up how you would like it to be. However, this is not all we do, there is much more we want to offer you!
Usually during the sale, we get to know each other quite well, we spend a lot of time together and potentially go for dinner or lunch, we talk a lot, make some jokes and get comfortable. That is a healthy start for a bright future! You will always have our Business number AND our private numbers, just in case something urgent comes up, you just want to chat or ask something, we will always be there for you.
You would like us to hold a key for you? There is always something that can happen and you need somebody to go there and look for the right, send you some pictures or what so ever.
What does this service cost you extra? Just a smile, nothing more is needed to pay us for this service. We are so glad you have put your trust in our hands, and are grateful we met you!

We will be in touch!

No contact details are needed here I suppose, as you will already have them saved in your phone after our first contact!
Thank you again for all your trust, and the time we have had. Spain has got a lot to offer you, enjoy the time!
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