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Altea is something special, nothing in common to other towns nearby, literary nothing. Well, it is located on the coast, between Calpe and Albir.

Altea is easily accessible via the AP7 and N332, it has its own exit on the AP7 and the N332 leads right through the heart of Altea towards either Albir or Calpe. Altea is more picturesque than other towns and probably has the most diverse history of the previous towns BUT the other towns are not les exciting than Altea!
Altea is diverse and home to all different sorts of people, all different nationalities and all different economical classes. The amazing thing of this is, they are all using the same streets, same beaches, same supermarkets and all enjoying the same sun, day in day out. Everyone living together in a great harmony. People are relaxed, layed back, not worried about work, just enjoying live with a drink.
Above the first section “Mascarat” we will find the second section “Altea Hills”. This is home to all those who have just left their yachts in the Puerto Deportivo Luis Campomanes. A closed residential area with 24/7 surveillance is the place for you to be. Altea hills has enough facilities for you to feel home, like a communal swimming pool, green areas and a couple of shops. The main supermarket Masymas is about 5-minute drive away. Here you can find anything you need on a daily basis. Would you like to feel safe, have amazing views and a good neighbourhood? Do not look any further, this is your future home!
The third section of Altea is the epic centre and old town, right, this is where we know Altea from. If we google Altea, the first couple of pictures will show you the church rising from the old town. This is an incredible scenery, and incredibly romantic too! Imagine, nice warm summer night, street lights are on, these traditional Spanish townhouses, painted in white flours out the front, all leading through narrow streets filled with glorious boutiques, cosy restaurants and the famous ice cream shops! What else do you want?
Mascarat, the first section of Altea when coming from Calpe, this section is truly unique in its own way. A modern but yet traditional style has been considered all over. This mountainous area has been transformed in one of the most epic places to live in Altea, impressive properties, built against the mountain, creating a spectacular residential area with the best views to the sea! Mascarat is built around the most luxurious port in Altea, the well-known “Puerto Deportivo Luis Campomanes”. This port is the nightlife attraction for the upper-middle-class. High-end bars, chique restaurants, upmarket chiringuitos and much more to be found here. A great place to spent a lot of money on anything you need or want. This port is also home to the most luxurious yachts from all over the world. Seeing a yacht of immense dimensions is something daily here. Car spotters will also be able to see luxury cars and so on!

Of course, you would like a property here… We can definitely help!

The last but not least interesting section is Altea Campo, filled with fruit trees like Oranges and Nísperos. What are these Nísperos? Well, this is actually an amazing fruit! It’s a small oval fruit with pits in it, you peel it and you eat it! It’s very sweet and sooo good! When I first tried it, I was very sceptical but then, this flavour, I could not get enough of it! Then you drive up to Guadalest, halfway you will find a shop with all-natural products AND the Níspero liquor! Great stuff!
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