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Benissa is a town close to Calpe, it is about 119km away from Valencia airport and only 85km away from Alicante airport. Benissa is easily accessible via de AP7 and has its own exit. The national road N332 passes right through the actual city centre and gives us access to all 3 zones. Benissa centre, Benissa Campo and Benissa coast. Benissa is actually a big town, although we might think it is quite small in comparison to Calpe but in fact, it is bigger by 3 times!

Yes, you have read it correctly, Benissa is bigger than Calpe.

The 3 zones of Benissa could not be more different to each other. The coastline is beautiful, very green, good residential areas, stunning views and tons of little bays with the typical Spanish Chiringuitos. This is where lives stop for a moment, you enjoy the sunshine with a nice cold mojito and the great sea views!
La fustera
Every week on the Saturday we have a nice market with all sorts of goods, fruits and vegetables. This is the perfect escape for a Saturday morning! Waking up a Saturday morning, sun is shining bright, not too hot yet, still need groceries, the market is your place to be!
Other than that, Benissa is quite a tranquil town, everybody knows everybody (At least in the centre and campo). The coastline is like a whole different story, almost like a different town!
The supermarkets and other shops you might need are in the centre of Benissa, there you can buy literally anything you need. Mercadona is your national supermarket, however, there are more supermarkets available such as Consum and Lidl. You need a new car? There are enough specialists around in town who will help you with enthusiasm.

You like the idea of living in a typical Spanish town, away from the big mass tourism? Get our search engine to help you find a property in this little big town! Not found what you like? Contact us! We got lots more to show you!

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