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Buy your dream home

Interesting choice, our tab “Buy” Will explain you how we will help you buy your dream property in Spain.

It is a big decision, a lot of money and takes some guts to get up and really get going, but we can assure you, you are in very good and capable hands. We know what it is to actually come to Spain, visit properties in Spain and finally buy a house here on the Costa Blanca. We at flamingo homes have reinvented the whole idea of visiting properties and coming to Spain.

We want to be there for you from the start and not only until the end!
Sounds good right? Here is a little check list of what you need when buying in Spain;

  • NIE number
    This is a Spanish tax number; this number will identify you all over Spain and is needed for most official organisations. This is always needed when buying a car or property.
    This number can be requested in Spain at the police Station in Benidorm or Denia. But also, in your own country at the Spanish embassy, this is often a lot easier and faster than back here in Spain.
  • Spanish bank account
    A Spanish bank account is not actually a must have when buying in Spain but a useful step to take, official organisations will very much appreciate you having this and makes payments in Spain so much easier.
    The main banks in Spain are; BBVA, Sabadell, Bankinter, Kutxa, Bankia and Santander.
    Do you have the needed funds ready or you need a loan?
    If you have the needed funds than don’t worry about the below!
    If you need a loan, we highly recommend you to do some research on what bank has the best deals, but also, which bank gives you the right feeling? Which bank do you “Trust”?
    Take your time, google the different banks you want to work with and read a couple of reviews, this will help you avoid inconveniences.
    Ask your own bank in the country where you live if they can give you a mortgage, sometimes that is the cheapest option. We have had cases clients would not get a loan here in Spain but managed to get one where they live.
  • One more important thing you should know is;
    Knowing what you really want and knowing what you can spend! Ask us what the possibilities are with a certain budget and we will make sure we will find the best property for you available on the market! Not only in our portfolio but as well as with other friendly agents all over the Costa Blanca!

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