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Calpe, also considered our little paradise on the Costa Blanca, an ideal place to unpack your bags, and get comfortable.

Calpe is located at about 80km from Alicante airport and about 130km from Valencia airport and can easily be reached by the main national road N332. Calpe has got two main entrances, “Entrada Norte” and “Entrada Sur”, this makes the access to Calpe less busy and more comfortable.
In Calpe we find all sorts of nationalities, we will most likely be able to speak in our own language or for local shops English will be more than enough! However, the Spaniards love it when you try to speak Spanish, no matter how bad you think your Spanish is, they will do an afford to understand you and help you out with whatever you need!
Hospitality is written in Capital letters in Calpe, everyone wants you to feel like home, your presence is very much appreciated by everyone. Everywhere you go you will feel like home.
Calpe Flamingo Homes
The third part of Calpe are the “Urbanizaciones”, the residential areas where we find the homes to those lucky inhabitants and those second home owners! Some impressive villas can be found here!
Every Wednesday there is a second-hand vintage market near the petrol station DRZ or Repsol, antiques and other impressive goods can be found here!
Every Saturday there is a market with all new goods at the same location, this is a nice way to start your Saturday morning and enjoy the good weather, good vibes and great ambience!
Every Saturday there is also a fruit and vegetable market, this is located in the center of Calpe, most of the inhabitants buy their fruit and vegetables on the Saturday and great products at amazing prices are offered. It does not get any cheaper and better than this!
Calpe also has a lot of supermarkets, the main one being Mercadona, but also Lidl, Aldi and Consum have a strong presence in Calpe! My mercat is the upmarket supermarket, great supermarket with a lot to offer!
More to be added soon!
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The first thing you need to know when coming to Calpe is that Calpe is considered a town but at the same time a city, its hard to tell but its something in between. Let’s name it citown.

Calpe is divided into 3 parts, but the most important ones are Poniente and Levante (Arenal & La Fossa).
Poniente (Arenal) is the heart of Calpe, a never-ending sandy beach with crystal clear water goes from one end to the other, leading you for the center to the harbor. The center of Calpe is the most important part of Calpe and at the same time the most vibrant part! Here we got lots to do, all year round!
Levante (La Fossa) this is the new part of Calpe, an extensive sandy beach, again with crystal clear water invites you to run right in! Everything around La Fossa beach is focused on the boulevard and the good restaurants you will find on it.
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